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The Golden Calf Explosion!

The explosive sin of the golden calf is recorded in Exodus 32.  The consequences thereof are initiated at Exodus 24:12, keeping in mind, biblical entries are not always chronological. Moses had been up on the mount receiving the 1st set of stone tablets.  The people murmured because Moses was gone so long; 40 days and 40 nights.  They turn to Aaron because we recall; Aaron and Hur were left in charge (Ex. 24:14). 


It had not been long, since the people had come out of Egyptian paganism.  Now they were longing to return to dead pagan idols and rituals.  Looking back over this account, we know Aaron had to have been exposed to these Egyptian rituals more than Moses since Moses had escaped to Midian 40 years prior before being called by Yahuah.


Looking at Aaron's prompt response to the people in Exodus 32, it appears that Aaron may have been quite accustomed to forming idols by the melting of metals and use of engraving tools.  He not only makes the golden calf that the people then proclaim to be the one that brought them out of Egypt; but Aaron goes on to build a slaughter place for it!!!  Aaron saw the excitement of the crowd and one can’t help but think ‘pride’ slipped into Aaron.  To add insult to injury, Aaron then declares to the people that, ‘Tomorrow is a festival to YHWH’.


What?  It was bad enough making the golden calf idol; now Aaron is associating its worship with YHWH!  YHWH doesn’t share His glory within anyone or anything!  This is a monumental explosive FAILURE!  One would think today’s "believers" would have learned from this past lesson; but the majority have not.  Golden calves take different forms today. There is no difference in celebrating “GOD” with ‘Christmas’ trees and the worship of pagan Tammuz (born on Dec. 25th); Santa Claus (Satan Lucas – sigil magic); Easter rabbits (‘Ishtar’ fertility mother goddess worship – like Artemis in Ephesus); or other little ‘g’ gods around the world.  We worship YHWH ONLY and follow His feast days, which are His rehearsals with His bride! Yahuah knows the deception we face, but when we learn His Truth and His Way, we are responsible to repent and change. Yahusha didn't come to condemn the world but to save the world.


YHWH was very much aware of what was taking place at the foot of the mount.  He instructs Moses that the people had quickly turned away from Him and instructs Moses to get down from the mount as YHWH contemplates consuming the people with His burning wrath.


Thus Moses descends the mount with the 1st set of tablets and picks up Joshua on the way down the mount. Moses and Joshua are the only two not present at the break of the Melchizedek covenant. They find the people worshiping the golden calf; Moses rebukes the people; throws down and breaks the 1st set of stone tablets symbolizing the Book of the Covenant being broken; burns and grinds the adulterous golden calf, strews it on water, and makes the people drink; rebukes Aaron; Moses asks, ‘Who is for YHWH?’- the tribe of Levi steps forth; Moses tells the tribe of Levi to sword up and go through the crowd with 3,000 dying that day; Moses states the tribe of Levi are ordained ‘this’ day; Moses then tells the people he is going back up the mount to see if he could atone for their sin; Moses was even willing to have his name blotted out of YHWH’s Book to spare their lives; YHWH does not permit this by Moses; Moses asks that He remember the covenant to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; thus, YHWH relents and spares their lives.

The explosion by the 'sin of the golden calf' causes a major shift. Yah does spare their lives but now they would be a nation with a priest through the newly established Aaronic Levitical Priesthood. This Aaronic Levitical Priesthood would be responsible to administer the laws under the harsh and strict schoolmaster of the Book of the Law. This administrative Book of the Law would remain in place UNTIL Yahuah would send His Son with a new covenant restoring the Melchizedek Priesthood BACK to its reigning position. Yahusha is our Melchizedek High Priest and for those that say 'yes' to His New Covenant proposal ratified with His precious blood; and partake of the covenant confirming meal of bread and wine; become His Melchizedek Kingdom of Priests (plural). Now with this change of priesthood back to the order of Melchizedek, places us under Covenant Torah and no longer under the administration of the Book of the Law. Royal Covenant Torah exists from Gen. 1:1 - Exodus 24:11 along with updates recorded in the New Testament; Prophecies; and Writings. We still glean insights from the Book of the Law that exists from Exodus 24:12 thru to Joshua 5, but we are no longer under its Aaronic Levitical administration.

Rev 5:9  And they sang a renewed song, saying, “You are worthy to take the scroll, and to open its seals, because You were slain, and have redeemed us to Elohim by Your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation,c Footnote: cThis fact is given in 6 other texts in the Book of Revelation. 

Rev 5:10  and made us sovereigns and priests to our Elohim, and we shall reign upon the earth.”d Footnote: d Dan_7:18-27. 

Ponder these things during His feasts, our wedding rehearsals. Shalom, Libby

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