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Birds of a Feather Flock Together!

So what does a believer in Yahusha (Jesus) have to do with 'Halloween'? Nothing!

Sometimes in life we do certain activities because we were raised 'doing them'. This is the case for most cultural 'man-made' holidays! We give very little thought about 'why' we celebrate them nor do we research their origins. We say these 'holidays' are just tradition and for 'family fun' but nothing could be further from the truth. There is an old cliche' that goes, "The worse person you can fool, is to fool yourself." That cliche' couldn't be truer when blindly observing man-made holidays.

But then, we hear, "Well that isn't what it means to me?" It doesn't matter what it means to a person. It matters how it affects you and your family being satanically influenced by the spiritual realm of darkness. "Halloween" and other traditional "holidays" have satanic roots and are gateways to indoctrinate your children. Why else do they involve telling your children lies!

Yahusha the Messiah has no darkness in Him. YHWH [GOD] acts and moves on His feasts days or 'moedim.' These are His appointed times with His bride! His feasts are what believers should celebrate! Learn about them on my website .

For now, let's take a historical look behind the veil of Halloween, sa_tan's "Black Sabbath." Let's take pause together and view a video explaining the details. Go ahead and get something to drink or pop some popcorn. Ponder changing course away from these detrimental cultural holidays. Honestly, you will find it very freeing; you will have much more time to relax; and at the same time save lots of money! But most importantly you will be protecting your home, your family, and your children from participating in darkness and in the 'death culture!'

If you decide to change course away from such darkness, begin to learn about YHWH's feasts days! It takes a little time to change over, but you can do it! I did and others just like you did! You see, YHWH's feasts days are our wedding rehearsals with Yahusha (Jesus). He always acts according to these dates on His calendar! He will even be returning based on His moedim!

So shed the darkness of man-made traditions and put on the Light of truth! YHWH understands how we can get 'caught up' in the deceptions of this dark world. He knows the 'programming' that is promoted by evil! But He most certainly wants us to come out of such things!

Got that popcorn ready? Great. This is what I would like you to do. Click on the image below to learn about why celebrating 'Halloween' is not a 'good idea'; not even if you change it's name to 'Harvest Fest' or 'All-saints Day'.

Blessings and Freedom are in Him and Him alone! Libby

[Click on Picture - Helloween and the Believer - A Deadly Mix]

Video Description:

Matthew Nolan with Torah to the Tribes takes you on a historic truth journey revealing the wicked origins of 'Helloween'. Believers should NOT compromise or 'blend' with evil. YHWH is not an Elohim of mixing good and evil.

USED WITH PERMISSION: See Torah to the Tribes YouTube and BitChute channels See

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