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Ascended Love Letters to Yahusha


I came across this "prophetic violin worship" music this morning that obviously ushered in a revival to hearts and souls from around the world.  It transcended language barriers as hearts poured out prayers as love letters to our Savior, Yahusha HaMashiach.

One commented and asked, “How is this prophetic?” And the reply was, “When you pray and make declarations over your life listening to this music, it becomes Prophetic. Sounds and songs are ladder in the spirit, with it you can ascend into the presence of God. Blessings!”  Reply was by Heaven’s Sound Violin Worship YT Channel

I listened, wept, and prayed as I read all the comments.  The move of the Ruach HaKodesh was so strong touching so many hearts and souls as their petitions arose before His throne as a sweet-smelling aroma. Please listen and read the comments; add your petitions and prayers; and let the oil of Gilead flood your souls.

I know this will bless and move many hearts.  Be transported into His presence and feel His love. Just press 'translate to English' under comments in other languages.

Click on Above Image or Link:

Thank you Yahuah for connecting hearts in your presence and sharing with us a small sample of the praise and petitions you receive daily. Libby

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